About Deborah

Deborah Thackeray

BSc Nutritional Medicine, University of West London (2011)

mBANT, CNHC registered

Registered Nutritional Therapist at Red Apple Nutrition. Currently practising in Harrogate in North Yorkshire and via Skype everywhere!

Particular interests – digestive disorders, food sensitivities, coeliac disease and auto-immune conditions, mental health

I became a Nutritional Therapist because I love working with people and am passionately interested in making a difference to people’s health with food. I devise recipes and menus for my clients, teaching them how to live more healthily. I am particularly interested in gluten related disorders.

I am also one part of Gluten Free Baking and Living, teaching gluten free baking to people in London, Harrogate and on the Wirral. See www.glutenfreebaking.co.uk for dates and more info.

Contact details: deborah@redapplenutrition.co.uk 07882 688989